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About Washington Surgi-Clinic in Washington D.C.

For over 45 years, Washington Surgi-Clinic’s philosophy and commitment have not wavered and continues to guide us to this day, to provide care to all women in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and beyond that come through our doors. We have worked hard to gain your trust so that our professional and courteous staff can provide an unsurpassed level of personal care to each patient.

The care of our patients is our number one priority, that’s why we want to ensure that we will work with you, support you and educate you through your procedure.

woman with bike in field of flowers

The Staff of Washington Surgi-Clinic in Washington D.C.

The Washington Surgi-Clinic operates a state-of-the-art medical facility in a comfortable and private setting. Our physicians are board-certified and highly trained to perform gynecological exams and specialized abortion procedures.
Washington Surgi-Clinic was established in the spring of 1973 with the founders believing that every woman seeking an abortion is entitled to:

  • A safe medical procedure at an affordable fee
  • Protection of her privacy and personal dignity
  • Supportive, compassionate and expert care provided by highly trained professionals

Contact Us

Be sure to request an appointment today if you are needing assistance with your gynecological and/or pregnancy termination services. We are here to help you and are open Monday through Saturday.

Personalized Care & Support