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Doctor showing notes to a patient

Although gynecologists perform safe, legal abortions every day in the U.S., there are still plenty of myths regarding these procedures. Under U.S. law, women have the right to decide to terminate a pregnancy. Unfortunately, anti-abortion advocates and those who are ignorant of the procedure have made many claims that can be damaging to these legal rights. If you have any questions about pregnancy termination, you should feel free to discuss them with a gynecologist.

Myth: Abortions Are Dangerous for Women

Abortions are actually among the safest types of procedures a woman can have. The risks of serious complications and fatalities are extremely low. Women are more likely to suffer from complications of labor and birth than they are to experience medical problems with an abortion.

Myth: Abortions Are Detrimental to Psychological Health

One of the most common myths about this procedure is that women who have abortions will experience some form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other mental health challenges. In fact, scientific evidence does not support this idea. Gynecologists have long observed that having an abortion is not more mentally damaging than placing a child for adoption or raising an unwanted child.

Myth: Abortions Are Cruel Toward the Fetus

Researchers tend to agree that the fetus is incapable of feeling pain during the first and second trimesters. The vast majority of all abortions are performed during this time period.

Myth: Abortions Are a Sign of Poor Character

Unfortunately, many people condemn women who have abortions as having poor moral character. It’s a common myth that all women who have this procedure failed to use birth control properly. In fact, the majority of women who choose pregnancy termination did use birth control; however, birth control can sometimes fail and lead to unintended pregnancies. Additionally, many women choose pregnancy termination after surviving rape.

If you are considering having an abortion, Washington Surgi-Clinic invites you to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly gynecologists. Our women’s health clinic in Washington, D.C. provides non-surgical and surgical abortions that are safe, legal, and affordable. You can reach our abortion clinic by calling (202) 659-9403 if you wish to learn more about your pregnancy termination options.