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Regular STD testing and HIV testing is a crucial part of maintaining your gynecological and overall health. If you’re sexually active or are at high risk for HIV, you should visit a gynecologist for HIV testing at least once per year, possibly more if you are at high risk. Here is a look at some important facts about HIV testing.

When You Should Get Tested

Any woman who is sexually active or at high risk for HIV should visit a gynecologist for HIV testing. If your test is negative, your gynecologist can let you know how often you should come back for HIV testing. If you’re pregnant, it’s even more important that you undergo STD testing, HIV testing, and prenatal gynecology services. Your gynecologist will maintain strict patient confidentiality throughout the HIV testing process.

Who’s at High Risk

Women who are at a higher risk for contracting HIV will need to undergo HIV testing more frequently. You are at higher risk if you are having unprotected sex with more than one male partner, if you have injected drugs in the past or are doing so currently, if you are currently having sex with or have had sex in the past with someone who has had multiple partners or who has injected drugs, if you have a current STD, or if you received a blood transfusion between 1978 and 1985. Your gynecologist can advise you as to how often you will need HIV testing.

HIV Testing Procedures

Your gynecologist can inform you as to your HIV testing options. The most commonly used test is the enzyme immunoassay test, which provides results in one day to one or two weeks. Some gynecologists use a rapid test, which provides results within 20 minutes.

If you’re in need of HIV testing near Washington, DC , come see us at Washington Surgi-Clinic. Our experienced and compassionate gynecologists can provide a wide range of affordable gynecology services, including STD testing, STD treatment, pap smears, birth control methods, and pregnancy termination. To learn more about our gynecology services, call us today at (202) 659-6403.