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HPV is an acronym for human papillomavirus, a term that encompasses more than 100 different viruses. This video reports on common HPV misconceptions.

One of the biggest myths regarding HPV is that once a person contracts it, he or she will forever have to live with the virus. On the contrary, approximately nine in 10 people who have HPV will clear the virus through their own immune systems. Of those who do not, close supervision of the disease by a physician is highly recommended. Another HPV misconception is that only promiscuous individuals get it. However, because these viruses can pass from skin-to-skin contact, even people who refrain from intercourse can contract HPV.

Getting a Pap smear is the first step toward knowing whether you have HPV. To schedule an appointment, call Washington Surgi-Clinic in Washington, D.C. at (202) 659-9403.