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During the first trimester, or up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, women may choose to undergo pregnancy termination with chemical or surgical abortions. If the pregnancy is less than six weeks by menstrual age, the patient may choose the chemical method. With this type of first trimester abortion, the patient takes a pill that contains mifepristone, which breaks down the uterine lining by inhibiting progesterone. After 24 to 48 hours, the patient takes misoprostol, a pill that results in the expulsion of the pregnancy in a manner similar to miscarriage. It may take a few hours to abort the pregnancy or it may take a few days. Women can expect to have a follow-up appointment with a gynecologist.

A gynecologist can perform a surgical abortion as soon as the pregnancy can be visualized on an ultrasound exam, which is usually five weeks by menstrual age or three weeks after conception. For a first trimester abortion, the gynecologist will perform suction dilatation and curettage (D&C), which involves gently suctioning out the uterine contents.

For safe, confidential, and legal pregnancy termination near Washington, D.C., you can turn to the gynecology team at Washington Surgi-Clinic. Call (202) 659-9403 to arrange an appointment or visit us on the Web to read more about chemical and surgical abortions , along with our other services, which include STD testing.