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When you’re making a decision about whether abortion is the right choice for you, too often, myths about abortion safetycan get in the way. Don’t let falsehoods interfere with your ability to make the right decisions for your life and body. Arm yourself with the right information and consider these facts behind common myths about abortion safety.

Gynecologist speaking to a patient

Myth: Abortion Is More Dangerous Than Giving Birth

Myths about the dangers of abortion are simply not true. It is considered to be a very safe medical procedure that is well tolerated by the vast majority of patients. When compared to childbirth, abortion is about 10 times safer than going through delivery. Before you have an abortion, the doctor will consider your personal health and determine if it is a safe procedure for you.

Myth: Abortion Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer

This myth is one of the most persistent ones regarding abortion, but it has been debunked. In 2003, the National Cancer Institute brought together more than 100 leading experts in the study of pregnancy and breast cancer risk . These experts agreed that abortion has no impact on a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer in the future.

Myth: Abortion Causes Emotional Problems

Abortion itself does not lead to emotional problems. Many women who choose abortion do so because of the negative impact their pregnancy is having on their lives, so they often feel relieved when the process is complete. However, if you were experiencing emotional difficulties before your abortion, it’s likely that they may persist afterwards. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to feel a sense of sadness or loss after an abortion, but this does not usually translate into long-term emotional upheaval. Your emotional state before your abortion is a much better indicator of how you will feel afterwards.

At Washington Surgi-Clinic, our staff is here to support you as you make the important decision about whether abortion is right for you, and can help you throughout the procedure and recovery. Make an appointment today and let us help you get the care you need. Call us at (202) 659-9403.