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The decision that you are ready for motherhood is an important one, and you must consider many factors. Having a baby requires a long-term commitment that you may not be ready or able to make at the current time. If you choose to terminate your pregnancy, Washington Surgi-Clinic is here to provide confidential and safe abortion services .

Your Age 
Your age can be a significant factor when deciding whether motherhood is right for you. If you are young, you may wish to finish or continue your education. You may not yet be married or you and your partner may not be ready to make the commitment required to have a family together. Conversely, if you are at an age where you do not wish to have more children or feel it could be unsafe, abortion may also be the best choice for you.

Your Financial Status 
Giving birth to and raising a child both require a significant financial investment that you may not be able to make at this time. You may not be financially independent at all, or your current job may not provide the monetary stability you need to securely raise a family. Seeking abortion because you cannot afford to raise a baby is not wrong; it is a decision based upon the reality of your situation.

Your Health 
Health concerns are a reason why many women consider abortion. In some cases, carrying a child can exacerbate existing medical conditions or carry the potential to negatively affect your health. Additionally, certain diseases and chemical dependencies can harm or even be passed on to your child. These factors or other health concerns may prompt you to decide that motherhood is not right for you at this time.

For reproductive and abortion services in Washington, D.C., contact Washington Surgi-Clinic by calling (202) 659-9403. Our staff will treat you and your decision with the respect and confidentiality you deserve. Visit our website to learn more information about our women’s clinic, the care we provide, and our dedication to helping you pay for the care you need.