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When you decide to have an abortion, where you choose to get your care matters. Not all abortion clinics provide the same level of care, so you should carefully research your potential providers before selecting one. To choose a safe, quality clinic, follow these steps.

A doctor asking questions to a female patient lying on a bed.

Locate Your Options

Depending on where you live, there may be several abortion providers near you. You can find all of the providers in your area by looking them up online or in your local phone book. Be sure to only look at clinics that are specifically identified as abortion clinics. Places that are described as crisis pregnancy centers often don’t provide abortions and try to dissuade women from getting them. If you’ve already made your decision, focus exclusively on places that offer abortion services.

Ask Questions

When you have a short list of places, start calling the clinics to ask questions. Ask about their processes, including how many appointments are required and what methods they use for abortions. This is also a good time to ask about other services, such as counseling, post-procedure birth control, and gynecological care. Make sure the clinic you choose meets all of your needs. For instance, if having counseling is important to you, or if want someone to come into the room with you for support, make sure these things are provided and allowed.

Visit the Clinic

Whether for an initial consultation or simply to evaluate the surroundings, be sure to visit the clinic before you have your procedure. Does the clinic look clean? Are you treated with care by the staff? Do you feel comfortable? It’s important for you to feel comfortable and confident in dealing with the clinic’s staff, so trust your instincts.

Our patients’ safety, privacy, and comfort are of the upmost important to us at Washington Surgi-Clinic in DC. If you’re considering an abortion, schedule an appointment at our clinic to learn more about our services by calling (202) 659-9403.