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A doctor and patient shaking hands

Finding the right gynecologist for you may take some trial and error. You may need to meet with several local gynecologists to find one you feel comfortable with, particularly since gynecology services are highly personal in nature. Listed below are a few tips to help you when you are choosing a gynecologist.

Consider Your Gynecology Needs

Of course, it can be impossible to predict all of the gynecology services you may need in the future. However, you’re likely to have a good idea of your required services when considering your family planning preferences . For example, you may wish to make sure that the gynecology office you select offers your preferred type of birth control. Unfortunately, even the most effective method of birth control can sometimes fail. Because of this, you might also wish to look for a gynecology office that provides safe, legal abortions.

Do a Little Investigative Work

After you’ve determined what specific types of gynecology services you’re looking for, it’s time to evaluate gynecologists in your area. You might ask for referrals from friends and family members, or you might prefer to visit the websites of different gynecology offices. No matter what, make sure the doctor you choose is board-certified.

Evaluate the Gynecology Office

Visit the gynecology office or take a virtual tour of it to assess whether it might be right for you. Consider factors such as the affordability of the services offered. If you decide to visit the office, consider whether the staff treats you courteously and warmly, and whether you feel comfortable within that setting.

Schedule an Appointment

When you meet a new gynecologist for the first time, consider whether his or her bedside manner appeals to you. Your physician should treat you respectfully and should carefully listen to all of your concerns. You should feel comfortable that your doctor has fully answered any questions you may have.

The gynecologists of Washington Surgi-Clinic are friendly professionals that treat every patient with respect and provide personalized well woman care. At our state-of-the-art gynecology office, you’ll find an array of services, including affordable abortions and STD testing. To schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained gynecologists, please call our office in Washington, D.C. at (202) 659-9403.