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Even when a woman has supportive loved ones in her life, going through an abortion can be a difficult process. If your partner has recently terminated a pregnancy, you might be searching for ways to ease her emotional and physical pain. These tips can provide a starting point for helping your partner find solace during this time:

Listen to Her

Your partner may initiate conversations with you about her abortion, recovery, or other aspect of her pregnancy. When she reaches out to you, take the time to focus solely on her. Especially if she begins a conversation as you are engaged in another activity such as washing the dishes or folding the laundry, stop what you are doing and focus on her. Your full attention shows your partner that her words matter to you.

Acknowledge Her Grief

Regardless of how early in the pregnancy your partner underwent her abortion, she may suffer feelings of loss from it. Even if having an abortion was the right choice, she may still grieve for the pregnancy that is no more. Allow her to experience these emotions. You can ease her grief by acknowledging it. Rather than trying to comfort her with medical facts and figures, provide your partner with a safe place to express her sadness.

Provide Assistance

An abortion can take a toll on a woman’s physical and emotional strength. In the days and weeks following her procedure, your partner may find it difficult to maintain her normal activities, which might include going to work, making dinner, cleaning the house, or watching over children. Now is the time when you can show your support by taking on some of these duties.

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