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Bacterial vaginosis is a type of infection of the vagina that occurs when the balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria becomes disrupted. While it isn’t yet known exactly what causes it, gynecologists have identified some risk factors. Women who smoke, douche, and have multiple sexual partners are at a higher risk of acquiring this infection. If you suspect you might have bacterial vaginosis, see a gynecologist promptly for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

You can learn more about this common infection by watching this video. This doctor explains the typical symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, discusses the risk factors, and offers in-depth explanations about the treatment options. He also explains under which circumstances a woman’s partner should be tested for this infection.

The gynecology team at Washington Surgi-Clinic offers a range of gynecologic services , including testing and treatment of infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Women in the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. areas can contact us by calling (202) 659-9403.