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When you choose to terminate a pregnancy, one of the first things your doctor will discuss with you is the stage of your pregnancy. There are time limitations for pregnancy termination that your doctor must adhere to. Further, first trimester abortion and second trimester abortion procedures are different, so knowing your pregnancy stage is an important part of your care.

A Gynecologist speaking to a patient

At Washington Surgi-Clinic, we can terminate pregnancies up to 26 weeks, based on the start date of your last period. For a first trimester abortion, we offer both surgical and chemical procedures. Surgical abortions are used when the pregnancy can be seen on an ultrasound, beginning at about five weeks of menstrual age. Chemical abortions are performed before six weeks of menstrual age. For second trimester abortions, between 12 and 26 weeks of pregnancy, surgical abortion using dilation and evacuation (D&E) is performed.

At Washington Surgi-Clinic, our supportive staff offers complete guidance and support as you make a decision aboutpregnancy termination near Washington, D.C. , and total patient privacy is guaranteed for patients of all ages. To schedule a consultation, call (202) 659-9403.