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gynecologist serving Washington, D.C. offers many different kinds of birth control. Depending on your specific medical history, health care concerns, and personal preferences, different methods of birth control may be right for you. Today, there are many more alternatives to the birth control pill than ever before. Always speak directly to your gynecologist if you are considering changing your birth control method. Read on to gain a better understanding of the birth control patch.

Woman looking at a patch on her shoulder


As your gynecologist will tell you, the birth control patch is designed to prevent pregnancy. The patch prevents pregnancy for up to 9 days, but should be changed every 7 days for maximum effectiveness. Most women wear the birth control patch on their upper arm or lower back, so it can be concealed when dressed. The patch can be worn during showers, bathing, exercise, and swimming, as the adhesion is not adversely affected by heat or water.


The birth control patch is extremely effective. Like other forms of contraception, it does not prevent against vaginal infection. It also does not ward off STDs. To prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, couples should always use condoms. When used perfectly, it has a failure rate of less than half of one percent.


Some women prefer the birth control patch over the birth control pill because they do not need to remember a daily task. If you do forget to remove your patch after a week, hormone levels will remain steady. That means you will not get pregnant for up to two additional days after forgetting to change your birth control patch.

Speak to a gynecologist directly so you can pick which birth control is best for you. Contact The Washington Surgi-Clinic by calling us at (202) 659-9403. Our experienced gynecology team is dedicated to providing superior health care for women throughout the D.C. area. If you are choosing between the birth control pill and patch or another method of birth control, set up a consultation by calling today.