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With so many birth control options available, there is no reason to suffer through undesirable side effects or other disruptions that can ultimately interfere with your method’s effectiveness. When you don’t love your birth control method , you’re less likely to use it correctly, which could lead to unwanted pregnancy. If you experience any of these signs that your birth control isn’t working for you, schedule an appointment with your gynecologist to discuss other options that may be better suited to your needs.

You have breakthrough bleeding.

Breakthrough bleeding occurs when you experiencing bleeding outside of menstruation. It’s not uncommon for women to experience a small amount of spotting between periods when they first begin a new birth control pill or other hormonal birth control method. However, if breakthrough bleeding is happening every month, talk to your gynecologist. Using a different pill or other methods of birth control can resolve the bleeding.

Woman holding her stomach in pain

You’re feeling nauseous or bloated.

When you are on the wrong mix of hormones for your body, you may experience symptoms of PMS sporadically throughout your cycle. This includes feelings of nausea and bloating that you may be more used to having right before your period. These symptoms are not just part of taking hormonal birth control that you have to accept. See your gynecologist to discuss the symptoms you’re having. A different combination of hormones may work better for you, or you may decide that hormonal birth control is not right for you at all and that you could benefit from copper IUDs or barrier methods instead.

You’re struggling to use it correctly.

Even the most reliable form of birth control can’t deliver results if you don’t use it the right way. If you are having difficulty remembering to take your birth control pills at the right time or use your barrier method correctly, then consider switching to another kind of contraception to reduce your chances of an unwanted pregnancy.

Let Washington Surgi-Clinic help you explore your options birth control methods in Washington, D.C. to find the best solution for your needs. Schedule a consultation with a gynecologist today by calling (202) 659-9403.