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Pregnancies of fewer than six weeks—calculated by menstrual age—may be terminated with abortion pills. Also known as a chemical abortion, the pills work by halting the progression of the pregnancy and expelling it. This occurs much like a natural miscarriage does. Although rare, it’s possible for the pills to complete the termination. You can reduce the risk of this happening by letting your gynecologist know if you’ve been having morning sickness. You could take an anti-nausea drug to prevent yourself from throwing up the pills.

A doctor looking at the reports of female patient

If your next appointment reveals that the termination is incomplete, you may have the option of taking the pills again. If you prefer to have an in-office procedure, your doctor can schedule this appointment promptly. Some women may have to have a surgical abortion, such as if they are past the six-week point when it becomes apparent that the termination failed.

At Washington Surgi-Clinic, our team of compassionate gynecologists in Washington, D.C. is committed to maintaining strict standards of patient confidentiality . For safe, legal abortions, call (202) 659-9403.