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There are many strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV), including those that cause cervical cancer. HPV has also been linked to throat and anal cancer, in addition to penile cancer in uncircumcised males. The HPV vaccine can prevent cancer caused by the HPV virus in both men and women. For the best possible protection, gynecologists recommend vaccinating boys and girls as preteens, before they are sexually active.

However, individuals who are older can also benefit from this vaccination, as you’ll learn by watching this video. In fact, doctors recommend the vaccine up to the age of 26. The expert in this video explains why getting the vaccine even after HPV exposure may be helpful.

For personalized and affordable gynecologic care in the Maryland and Virginia area, call Washington Surgi-Clinic at (202) 659-9403. Our women’s clinic provides a full range of gynecology services, including HPV treatment.