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A Pap test—also called a Pap smear—is a simple test that can be performed by your gynecologist in seconds and that could save your life. Most women between the ages of 21 and 65 should have regular Pap tests on a schedule determined by their gynecologist.

A Gynecologist trying to calm a couple

Pap tests are so important to women’s health because they are the only way to diagnose cervical cancer in its early stages. During a Pap test, your gynecologist will take a swab of cervical tissue that is then screened for abnormal cells. With these results, not only can your gynecologist diagnose cancer in its most treatable stages, but he or she can also locate pre-cancerous cells so they can be treated before they become cancer. Because cervical cancer seldom causes symptoms until it progresses, a Pap test is the only way to find the disease early.

Are you due for a Pap smear in Washington, DC ? Schedule an appointment at Washington Surgi-Clinic to find out. Call (202) 659-9403 to make an appointment with a gynecologist for your Pap test and to get answers to your questions about birth control methods, STD testing, and more.