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It’s a common misconception that a woman no longer has a reason to see a gynecologist if she has undergone a hysterectomy. The truth is that women should continue to see a gynecologist once per year even after this type of procedure because other aspects of their health should be regularly evaluated.

Doctor using a stethoscope on patient

During an annual checkup, your gynecologist can look for palpable masses in the pelvis, as well as assess the vaginal and vulvar tissues, which can be especially important for women who have undergone HPV treatment. Also, depending on the reason for your hysterectomy, it may be important that you continue to receive Pap smears. Finally, during your appointment, your gynecologist can discuss any necessary screenings and tests that can help promote your health.

Washington Surgi-Clinic offers comprehensive gynecology services in Washington, D.C. If you would like to learn more or schedule an appointment with one of our gynecologists, then please call (202) 659-9403.