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Whether you are faced with a difficult decision regarding a pregnancy, or simply need an annual gynecological exam, The Washington Surgi-Clinic provides a wide-range of complete gynecological and pregnancy termination services. We are a licensed outpatient surgical center providing safe and confidential care for women. We are staffed by professionals who understand the sensitive nature of our patient's needs and provide each patient with an unsurpassed level of support, compassion and care.

Last Menstrual Period
(MM/DD/YYYY format)
Average Length of Cycles:
(22 to 45) (defaults to 28)
Average Luteal Phase Length:
(9 to 16) (defaults to 14)
Estimated Conception:
Estimated Due Date:
Estimated Fetal Age:

DISCLAIMER: The Pregnancy Calculator above is an assessment of weeks from reported last usual menstrual period and does not constitute medical counsel. Only an exam, pregnancy test, or ultrasound by a physician can confirm pregnancy and estimated length of pregnancy.

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